At this time Bohr was residing at Princeton

At this time Bohr was residing at Princeton - At this time...

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Unformatted text preview: At this time Bohr was residing at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study. Many urged him not to return to Denmark and instead to bring his family to the United States. But Bohr refused, feeling that his duty required his presence at his own Institute, which remained one of the few havens from the Nazi's expanding domain. In 1940, the Nazis invaded Denmark, and Denmark yielded without much of a fight. Another offer came from the American embassy suggesting that Bohr come to the United States, but Bohr remained resolute. He felt that his presence was needed not only at the Institute, but symbolically for his country. His mother had been a member of a prominent Jewish family, and his well-known support for Jewish scientists made him a symbol of strength. During this time, the Danish Society that Bohr had helped to found asked him to write an...
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