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Council of State - Council of State Governing and advisory...

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Council of State - · Governing and advisory body set up in February 1649 after the beheading of Charles I. Cromwell was its first chairman. After Cromwell assumed the title of Lord Protector, the Council of State functioned as his personal advisory committee, not unlike the Privy Council of King Charles I. Levellers - · A political faction that favored a radically republican and democratic form of government. The Levellers, who had a strong base of support in the army, were opposed to the power of the landed nobility and favored more equal political representation. Disappointed with what they saw as Cromwell's conservative political leanings, the Levellers threatened armed revolt on more than one occasion. Lord Protector - · Title Cromwell received in 1653, effectively granting him the position of ruler of England. As Lord Protector, Cromwell had complete control of the army, as well as the power to call and dissolve Parliament. In many ways, the office of Lord Protector gave Cromwell as much power as the kings he replaced.
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