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In 1640 - In 1640 tensions began to rise between King...

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Unformatted text preview: In 1640, tensions began to rise between King Charles I and Parliament. Parliament objected to Charles's raising taxes without first consulting them. Some members of Parliament were also concerned by Charles's proximity to Catholicism, particularly with regards to his queen, Henrietta Maria, who has herself Catholic. Relations between the King and Parliament grew increasingly strained, culminating with the outbreak of the English Civil War in August 1642. A staunch Parliamentarian, Cromwell raised an army in his home county, and after a series of victories over the King's forces, was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-General. Parliament's army eventually defeated the King and his supporters, the Royalists, and Cromwell emerged from the Civil War as a bona fide hero. By the late 1640s, Cromwell effectively became the leader of Parliament's army, which he consolidated into a single...
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