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In Huntingdon - In Huntingdon, Oliver Cromwell took an...

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Unformatted text preview: In Huntingdon, Oliver Cromwell took an active interest in local affairs, a practice common among landowning country gentlemen of the time. In 1628, Cromwell was elected to represent Huntingdon in the House of Commons, the legislative body that represented English citizens who were not nobles. He traveled to London that year when Parliament was called. Significantly, during his stay in London Cromwell visited a well-known physician named Dr Theodore Mayerne, apparently because he suffered from a severe case of depression. Cromwell had to travel to London once again in 1630, this time to argue a case before King Charles I's Privy Council concerning a political dispute over the new town charter of Huntingdon. He was perturbed that he had not been appointed an alderman of the town, and accused the new officials of Huntingdon of pursuing their own selfish...
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