In the spring of 1649

In the spring of 1649 - In the spring of 1649 the Levellers...

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Unformatted text preview: In the spring of 1649, the Levellers became restless, and mutiny broke out among the regiments stationed near Oxford. Cromwell responded swiftly. In May, he rode out before the Army and promised the soldiers that they would have the new regime's full support, and asked them to stand firm against the Levellers. Together with General Fairfax, Cromwell rode out to Oxford to subdue the Levellers. The mutiny was put down, and one of its ringleaders shot. In addition to the threats posed by a fractured government, Cromwell feared the possibility of a royalist invasion from Scotland or Ireland. Charles I's son, Charles Stuart, the future King Charles II, was in exile, and there were great numbers of people in Ireland and Scotland who still viewed him as their rightful King. In order to preempt a royalist uprising, the English decided on sending an expedition into Ireland to crush the...
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