There are some areas in which Aristotle

There are some areas in which Aristotle - There are some...

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Unformatted text preview: There are some areas in which Aristotle's influence is often called into question. In biology, where he made some of his greatest contributions, he was ultimately superseded and is now read only for historical reasons. In politics his ideas continue to be debated, but, still, even they are most useful in a historical context. Thus one might argue that his greatest contribution to Western thought was the creation of logic. That a single mind could essentially invent such a vast field might be difficult to grasp, but Aristotle almost single-handedly reinvented other fields as well, whether or not they fall into the category of areas in which he has been superseded. Aristotle placed all learning into three categoriestheoretical, practical, and productive and logic did not fall into any of these. Rather, Aristotle saw logic as a tool that underlay and logic did not fall into any of these....
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