Daoism - the yin-yang represents Taoism began in Asia and...

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Alex Garner 10/1/09 4 th Block The word Taoism stems from “Tao,” which means “the way.” In general, those who practice Taoism believe that the religion offers an ideal means of living life. One of the main guidelines behind Taoism is the observation of nature. This is equivalent to the whole idea of living in an eco-friendly way. It also means not harming others, which is the reason that many Taoists are also vegetarians. It is hard to determine what the exact beliefs of Taoists are. This is mainly because Taoists worship individually. There are some Taoists who believe in polytheism, which is the belief that there are multiple Gods. There are other Taoism followers who believe in the worshipping of ancestors. The yin-yang symbol is also known to be one of the main beliefs of Taoism. It is thought to represent the differences between genders, but can be applied to race too. Taoism is a religion that believes in equality, which is what
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Unformatted text preview: the yin-yang represents. Taoism began in Asia and it is still mainly practiced there today. Some of the different countries where Taoism is commonly practiced include China, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, and Vietnam. Much like any other religion, Taoism has spread to a variety of other areas throughout the world. Since Taoism originated in Asia just like Buddhism, the two religions are often considered comparable to one another. While there are some beliefs which seem to be the same in both religions, it is important to remember that Taoism is a very distinct religion of its own. Almost every religion has its own scripture. Muslims use the Quran, while Judaism followers use the Torah. Those who practice Taoism follow the Tao. Unlike many other religions, however, Taoism is not unified. This means that Taoists practice the religion individually and do not attend the equivalent of what would be a church mass or service....
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Daoism - the yin-yang represents Taoism began in Asia and...

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