COM 140 Assignment For Week One Day 4

COM 140 Assignment For Week One Day 4 - all. He wrote a...

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I have felt good rapport from a writer by the name of Ted Rall. His writings encompass the war in Iraq with a book he titled The Gas War . His writings divulge into the reasons for Iraq occupation that were not so advertised in the news. A second writer that I didn’t share much rapport with goes by the name of Michael Moore. His writings encompassed the same area of topics, but in a way that I could not relate to so much at
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Unformatted text preview: all. He wrote a book titled Will They Ever Trust Us Again? His content divulges into the failures of the U.S. Building rapport between the writer and the reader would require an element of like-minded thoughts, along with a sense of openmindedness. It is something that both writer and reader must take into account with that area of interest....
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