COM 140 Week 3 CheckPoint Effective Business Communication

COM 140 Week 3 CheckPoint Effective Business Communication...

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AUDIENCE MANAGER TEAM MATES TRAVEL AGENT PURPOSE Financial Goals Incompletion Notification Of Failed Financial Goals Termination Of Travel Arrangements TONE Professional/Information al Informational/Sympathet ic Informational/Negotiable CONTENT To Your name here, It is my displeasure to inform you that the financial goals for this quarter were unable to be met due to a lack of profit through the project we have been working on. I will work harder to meet the next quarter’s goal for our finances. Please call me if you need any more information. Thanks, Darryn F Polwart Project Manager Hey everyone, I’m afraid there is some bad news pertaining to the financial goals for this quarter, and our projected bonuses. Unfortunately, the financial goals were not
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Unformatted text preview: met, thus our bonuses will no longer reach our bank accounts. All we can do from here is continue to work as hard as we have been for the next quarter to bring better results. We all took the hit. Give me a call if you need any more information. Sorry Guys, Darryn Polwart To Mr./Mrs. your name he I will not be able to keep m arrangements for the trip to as I had originally hoped f financial burdens, I must in cancel my plans and conta a later date when I am able you for all your help with m planning and arranging for vacation. I will be sure to m your name to my friends a for when they make overse arrangements. It is greatly appreciated. Yours sincerely, Darryn F Polwart...
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