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COM 140 Week 4 Assignment Negative Messages

COM 140 Week 4 Assignment Negative Messages - Memo to...

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Memo to Manager DIGIFAST INC. MEMORANDUM TO: Mark Jackson, Manager FROM: Darryn F. Polwart, Project Manager DATE: April 24, 2010 SUBJECT: Incomplete financial goals CC: Digifast Project Team This quarter has been an eventful one pertaining to the advancements with the product that has been worked on since the beginning of the year. The team has had an excellent time working together with their designated roles with the Digifast team project. The reason for this message is to inform of the unfortunate events that have occurred within this financial quarter for the team project. The financial goals were not fulfilled and therefore, must be overhauled because of a lack in the marketed product profitability. The product failed to entice the interest of the consumer market and has been sent back to the drawing board for further review. Though this particular product has proven to be problematic, it will be fixed immediately and replaced with a more efficient version of the item.
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