COM 140 WEEK 4 CheckPoint Different Kinds of Messages

COM 140 WEEK 4 CheckPoint Different Kinds of Messages -...

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What unwanted reactions might you encounter when trying to convince the committee to accept your proposal for a new service? I may encounter such unwanted reactions as disinterest, or even dislike. And these are always potential occurrences that have to be overcome, and worked with. That’s what I think makes it so hard to present a proposal to a committee. A member of the committee disliking my presentation or idea is not so much the hard part; it is when they express no interest in it that makes it hard. I think it’s easier to relate to someone’s dislike than it is to figure out disinterest. What steps may you take to ensure you convey the purpose of your message to the audience? For me; the best way to ensure a purposeful message with the audience is to focus on the facts of my message rather than trying to overly promote it. Instead; I would address the purpose of each topic I cover, inform the audience of the facts for each topic, and then promote the topic. Another way to ensure the purpose of the message being presented is to maintain a good business composure, and to keep my verbal presentation within conservative bounds, Cracking jokes tends to take away from the point of the message when presenting an idea to a committee. Informative E-mail Ms. Alexander, You are being contacted in reference to the business proposal, and to be informed of the potential profit, increased productivity, and employee morale within the Digifast Corporation as a result. The interest of establishing the coffee shop is primarily for the purpose of annual company
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COM 140 WEEK 4 CheckPoint Different Kinds of Messages -...

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