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COM 140 Week 4 Skill And Drill Sentence Variety

COM 140 Week 4 Skill And Drill Sentence Variety - file Edit...

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Unformatted text preview: file Edit yicw Highly Boulmmb Xalwu‘. Iouls Help Waxes |j5 MuslVisilcd D GcflingSlarled iii Latest Headfim: {If - afl- Googie P hmm—rmam x fimmwmam x I +| - Clary , - Tagic Sentence . Paralleiism GrammarGiossary l Cliches Jar on and Colin uiaiisms I I Transitions Skillai’id Driii ' m . Using Concise Language Writing Checkiists I Can unctigns Cummun Ermrs in English Grammar Girl Podcasis Quick and DinyTips forElet‘ter Wriiing ; i Sentence Variety l‘ 5 Plagiarism Piagiarism i Q UJZ ”3:11;:th Your Quiz Results information OVERALL SCORE: 80% (B of 10 Questions Correct) 5 Sampies sitefifle: Writing Style Business Writing Quiz: Sentence Variety iHTUlmEHIUTI Dmifime Submitted: Tue Apr 20 2010 10:20:21 PM English Language Learners English Language Learners Tutorial Writing Engiish for Speakers ufOliierLanguages Wizards and Tutorials Wriiing Wizards Soflwai’e Tutorials RiverpointWriier View Our Frequently ' alwhnfiphnard (a) Asked Questions ; = . .- Rgad eaamplsphoenimedu ...
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