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DIGIFAST INC. MEMORANDUM TO: Steve Taylor, Facilities Manager FROM: Darryn F. Polwart, Project Manager DATE: April 27 th , 2010 SUBJECT: Urgent need for employee coffee shop CC: DigiFast Inc. Committee During the past month, DigiFast Inc. has relocated into the new River View Plaza to upgrade its effectiveness within the DigiFast Corporation. While achieving this step, DigiFast has also been without a certain particular need for the employees. The purpose of this memorandum is to inform of the need for the new coffee shop for DigiFast employees, and to show the potential gain from making such a decision to establish this proposed project. The coffee shop provides the basic essentials for employee morale such as coffee, fruit beverages, dairy products, cakes, a variety of fruit, and various other items that employees could definitely benefit from and in turn, have DigiFast benefit from. The convenience of the coffee
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Unformatted text preview: shop cannot be ignored; it is within the same base of operations, saving employees from the lunch hour traffic throughout the city limits. This means less time waiting for lunch, a more relaxed environment, and a more efficient workforce. If employee’s needs are met, it also can be expected that DigiFast’s goals will be met, along with a boost in profit and productivity. To trigger the industrial machine of productivity and profit, the fuel must first be added to the tank. This coffee shop is the gas that this company needs for these potential outcomes. The need for this coffee shop is evident. Take action on this proposal and see the potential become fact, see the employees more relaxed, and see profitability reach higher levels. The engine has been started for DigiFast. All that is left now is to get in to the driver’s seat and enjoy the ride!...
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