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COM 140 Week 5 DQ1 - good argument and a good way of...

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I received a call from an Army recruiter after putting my name on the contact list at school and the way they expressed confidence and reassurance was key. They applied the tools of convincing communication and aroused my interest. Though I still had doubts about whether or not I wanted to join, they made it very clear that there were a lot more securities and advantages despite the obvious drawbacks. It ended with me requesting a face-to-face meeting. They had a
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Unformatted text preview: good argument, and a good way of showing why they needed my services, but I still wanted to see their face for myself. Even though they did not convince me fully during that conversation, it resulted in them getting another opportunity to try again. And after the face-to-face conversation, I ended up on the bus to basic a few months later....
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