COM 140 Week 6 Assignment Applying Style Guidelines

COM 140 Week 6 Assignment Applying Style Guidelines - What...

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What are the main formatting differences between the memo and academic paper? The main differences between the academic paper and the memo are that with the academic paper: the topic is focused upon throughout the entire paper, there are no sections within the paper that touch upon different areas, and the academic paper contains quotes that have been used to provide evidence of the topics effectiveness. The memo sections off each portion in correlation to what each section addresses, displays each category in a businesslike manner, and focuses on the promotion of the academic paper for use with company training ideas. In what ways do audience, purpose, tone, and structure affect the memo and paper’s formatting? In the case of the academic paper, the aim is to research a particular subject and present it to the assigning entity (teacher, facilitator, supervisor etc.) for a possible grade or task requirement. It is strictly aimed at presenting information using an informative tone and an essay-style structure as a format. All of these are a result of a specific audience, purpose, tone, and desired format. The memo’s purpose is more responsive than it is informational, though it does offer a specific idea based off of an informational paper. The tone is business-oriented and professional, offering no slang or general personalization. It is targeted at the writers supervisor for the purpose of submitting a possible training solution. The format is more
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COM 140 Week 6 Assignment Applying Style Guidelines - What...

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