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COM 140 Week 6 Checkpoint Creating Effective Documents

COM 140 Week 6 Checkpoint Creating Effective Documents -...

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A couple of tips that I would add on top of what is already in chapter 1 would be: 1. When creating academic documents, be sure to use a non-biased style of writing that will ensure professionalism and avoid setting the scene for a racist or sexist feeling in the contents. This also makes the writing more fair and impartial; touching only on what is needed without drawing attention to the sections that are deemed impartial by the writer. 2. Be sure to use descriptive writing when presenting information on a certain topic or discussion. Using a descriptive writing style ensures that the majority of questions that may occur will be answered by the presentation as it is being presented, and will leave less room for confusion from the audience. Which guidelines are most important for formatting? The list and table guidelines are what I consider to be the most important. In order to
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Unformatted text preview: convey information in the most effective way, one should be able to list out every element or step that goes along with that information in the most effective and professional way. As with tables, the same is said when it comes to depicting factual data for the audience to see. Which guidelines are less important to a business document but more important to an academic paper? • I would see the header and footer guideline as being more important academically, but less important in a business environment because of the fact that academically, there is more of a need for ownership for that paper, whereas the business side just wants to see the information on that paper rather than know who made it from within the company....
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