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COM 140 Week 7 CheckPoint PowerPoint Presentations

COM 140 Week 7 CheckPoint PowerPoint Presentations -...

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CheckPoint: Effective Presentations When designing my PowerPoint presentation, I will be going with the Aspect design and layout for my slides. I like the way that this particular layout and design looks with my assignment theme. The layout I will be choosing has a theme that emphasizes the title and content of each major point that I will be using to promote the idea I have. The colors I will be using are of a neutral nature such as a grey backdrop, though I will be presenting the titles in a more vibrant color using the word art and font tools. The font for the word art will be in a Verdana style and will vary in size depending on each slide’s content. I will also be using the clip-art tool on the PowerPoint program to emphasis the point’s that I am trying to bring across to the audience. An
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Unformatted text preview: important thing that I am keeping in mind is to present each slide while remembering not to clutter the slides up with too much graphics. I don’t believe that this many pictures are necessary or smart when trying to emphasis the main point. There would be too much pictures to look at within the same slide. The reason I am going with this particular set-up for my presentation is because I believe that it will be the most simplistic, clean, and effective way to relay the points that I have across to the members of the committee. The foot notes that I have, that will be laid out in a Times New Roman at size 12 font, will do the majority of the work to show why the idea I have is so important and appealing to the committee....
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