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acc - 220 - week 5 dq 2 - required to organize all the...

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Management’s actions and responsibilities can be categorized into three broad functions, which include planning, directing and motivating, and controlling. The function of directing and motivating involves organizing a business’s various activities and human resources to create a smooth-running business. Directing and motivating relates to put into action considered objectives and making available essential incentives. Businesses are required to manage all the purchasing, all the manufacturing, all the warehousing, and all the selling needed within the company. Service companies are
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Unformatted text preview: required to organize all the scheduling, all the sales, and all the acquisitions of equipment and supplies needed in the company. Directing in addition includes decide on the hire of executives, employing managers and supervisors, and hiring and training any employees. The majority businesses arrange organization charts to demonstrate the interrelationship of actions and the delegation of power and accountability within the business. In performing, the function of directing and motivating any manager can make assessments that will have a major impact on the business....
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