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acc - 220 - Week 9 Capstone Discussion Question

acc - 220 - Week 9 Capstone Discussion Question - the most...

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From what I have learned over the last nine weeks, I understand accounting better as it pertains to business in a more understanding way. I really did not know what all was involved in the field of accounting until I took this class. I am grateful for taking this class because I have a better understanding of business now and if I decide to go into business for myself, I know what to expect with the accounting side of the business. I know my brother is in business for himself and he had always said that the books were
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Unformatted text preview: the most difficult for him. After reading the chapters with this course and reading the post from all my classmates along with my instructor, I can see what he was saying about taking care of the accounting books. I have a deeper understanding for accounting and what every employee does along the way from the start to the finish of the business. I have become to appreciate accounting as a business type not just as type of numbers....
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