acc - 220 - week 9 Final Project - Business Plan

acc - 220 - week 9 Final Project - Business Plan - Business...

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Business Plan D&S Accounting takes prides with the accounting services we offer. D&S Accounting is considered a sole proprietorship since the business will be a small accounting firm centering on personal finance and small business finances. In this business offer, I will clarify why D&S Accounting is a safe venture and the roles in accounting that take place in the company. The offer will handle some of the characteristics will be assessed for the businesses accounting personnel and the learning view of the business (Kimmel, Weygandt, & Kieso, 2003). With this proposal, it explains what styles of internal controls are in place and how the company’s managers will use financial data to guarantee achievement of the business. Types of Services D&S Accounting can present numerous services to their clients. The personal finance area of operations can suggest things from balancing a checkbook to household budgets and yearly taxes. On the small business, area of operations can propose things from budgeting and auditing to any financial documents, which include retained earnings statements, balance sheets, a statement of cash flows, and income statements. The Start Up In the start up of the business, accounting does play a major role. With major financial reports, accountants need to be organized demonstrating how every investment will be put to the financial profit of the business also the anticipated sales for the first year. A preliminary balance sheet has been organized showing the businesses possessions, which include computers, furniture, and office supplies. The balance shows, has two liabilities at this time, which include taxes and rent for the building. For the first year of business, I can show how each one of the
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investments will reach special branches of the business with the responsibility center budget. Solely the company’s receptionist will make up the cost center and money allocated to that center will supply essential office supplies and equipment, internet service, telephone service and receptionist wages. The accounting’s profit centers will be the personal finance section and the
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acc - 220 - week 9 Final Project - Business Plan - Business...

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