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Week Two: Introductions to Statements I Details Due Points Objectives 1.1 Compare and contrast sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. 1.2 Define commonly used accounting terms. 1.3 Give examples of the data found on various financial statements. CheckPoint Proprietorships, Partnerships, & Corporations Explain the differences between a proprietorship, a partnership, and a corporation in 200 to 300 words. Why would an entrepreneur want to choose one over the other? If you were starting a new business, which would you choose? Explain why. Friday 30 Individual
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Unformatted text preview: Financial Statements Write a 350- to 700-word paper describing a balance sheet, an income statement, a retained earnings statement, and a statement of cash flows. How does a company use these financial statements to make future business decisions? Use and define the following terms in your paper when explaining how a company uses the information on the statements: Assets Comparative statements Liabilities Stockholder’s equity Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Post your paper as an attachment. Saturday 100...
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