kkk - After these three months I found out my personality...

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After these three months, I found out my personality during the Career and Personal Planning. Other than knowing more about my own personalities, I have learnt how we can apply our own skills into our studies and choosing career. Before the lessons start, I thought I could be a lawyer, animal doctor, auditor, designer, writer and traveler, etc. According to Donald Super's life stage, when I was 6 years old, I got interested on many careers until I was 16 years old. I wanted to be a lawyer when I was in primary school because of my dad wanted me to do it so I wanted to do it. In secondary school, I liked and enjoyed design when I was a junior student in secondary school. However, I had poor result in secondary four, so I dropped design technology at that moment. To be an animal doctor, because of I loved animals and investigated on biology. But because of the poor result in my report card, I dropped this career choice. Further, until I was 16, I found that I had no abilities for being a lawyer, writer, etc. Because of the class work presentation, I would like to present a career to my classmates. And that career title was auditor. But after I researched the work loads of auditor and the MBTI results were here, I understood that I wasn’t going to do that because according to my MBTI results were INFP (i.e. I stands for Introvert, N stands for Intuition, F stands for Feeling and P stands for Perceiving), I could not be able to perform some repeated and boring jobs. According to the experiences in my previous life stage, I used to work everything by myself, solving difficult problems, open-minded, imaginative, loved to persuade others, not going to judge others easily, cheerful all the time, easygoing, orderliness and curious. However, I was not very brave on self-expression. I didn't have enough poise when I met difficulties in
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This note was uploaded on 12/12/2011 for the course COMP 0112 taught by Professor Mr.kwok during the Summer '11 term at Hong Kong Baptist University, China.

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kkk - After these three months I found out my personality...

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