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CS1010E Programming Methodology Welcome to CS1010E Cohort is split into three lecture groups (sectional groups) 1. Monday 4pm to 6pm, LT7 2. Tuesday 2pm to 4pm, LT7A 3. Wednesday 4pm to 6pm, LT2 Gary Tan COM2 03 – 50 516 276 Henry Chia COM2 02 – 56 516 1556 6516 6276 gtan@comp.nus.edu.sg dcstansh@nus.edu.sg 6516 1556 hchia@comp.nus.edu.sg dcscwkh@nus.edu.sg [ CS1010E AY112S1 Lecture 0 ] 2 Module Overview This introductory level module introduces: Fundamental concepts of problem solving by computing Programming using an imperative programming language Objectives: Learn how to solve simple problem Learn to write good small programs 3 [ CS1010E AY112S1 Lecture 0 ] Course Resources IVLE resources: Announcement: Please read daily Lesson plan: portant dates are noted Important dates are noted. Workbin: lecture notes, tutorial questions, labs etc Solutions will be posted later Discussion forum For discussion on things related to the course, g, Can discuss questions, BUT do not post solutions 4 [ CS1010E AY112S1 Lecture 0 ]
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Course Website and Reference Book Course Website located at: ttp://www comp nus edu sg/~cs1010e http://www.comp.nus.edu.sg/ cs1010e Reference Book: Problem Solving and Program esign in C Design in C by Jeri R.Hanly and Elliot B.Koffman 2010, 6 th
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L0_-_Course_Admin_4 - Welcome to CS1010E CS1010E Cohort is...

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