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EE1002/CG1108 1 Lab 1 : Resistors and Ohm’s Law Name :_________________________________ Matric. No .____________________________ Group :_________________________________ Activities Completed Verified By Marks From 2 a b c d e f 1. Objectives of the Experiment a) To learn about the use of lab power supply, the multi-meter and breadboard b) To measure resistance values using the multi-meter and compare with values read from the color codes. c) To verify Ohm’s law using these equipment. d) To verify the series and parallel rules for resistors. e) To verify voltage divider and current divider rules. 2. Equipment to be used Lab DC power supply Digital multi-meter Breadboard 3. Components Resistors
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EE1002/CG1108 2 In-lab activities What are the voltage and current ratings of the lab power supply? How many different voltage sources are available on this power supply? What is the maximum voltage that can be obtained from this power supply?
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Lab1_Power_supply_and_resistors_final - Lab 1 : Resistors...

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