Lab5_Studying_AC_signals_Final - Lab 5 : Studying AC...

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EE1002/CG1108 1 Lab 5 : Studying AC Signals Name :_________________________________ Matric. No .____________________________ Group :_________________________________ Activities Completed Verified By Marks From 2 a b c 1. Objectives of the Experiment a) To study the characteristics of AC signals using the oscilloscope. b) To measure the phase difference between two AC signals. 2. Equipment to be used Lab DC power supply Signal Generator Oscilloscope Digital multi-meter Breadboard 3. Components Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors
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EE1002/CG1108 2 In-lab activities Before you begin, check that both channels of the oscilloscope are functional using the test signal provided by the oscilloscope. a) Measure the RMS value of the signals below using the oscilloscope. Set up the measurement feature of the oscilloscope and note down the RMS values of the AC signals below. Adjust the offset of the signals such that they are at approximately 0V or the x-axis of the oscilloscope screen. Keep the Frequency and Peak-to-Peak values of the signals unchanged.
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Lab5_Studying_AC_signals_Final - Lab 5 : Studying AC...

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