3Beckett and Pinter - TheatreoftheAbsurd

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Theatre of the Absurd Name given by Martin Esslin. What’s in common with these playwrights: & silences. Absurdists – applied to writers in prose fiction, human conditions are absurd. -roots in surrealism (James Joyce, Kafka) Central to realism – life is meaningful; man – a rational creature, living in intelligible universe, part  of a social str-re, man is capable of heroism. Impact of the existential philosophy on the Lit. of the Absurd – Jean-Paul Sartre & Albert Camus; -  irrational, isolated being (man), hostile universe, human life – from meaningless to nothingness, painful  existence; ~Catch 22 (Joseph Heller) SAMUEL BECKETT (1906-1989)  Nobel prize in 1969. Irishman, lived in Paris & wrote in french & recreated in English. of the well-made man. Dialogue is pointless, funny, loose. Positive msg – hope dies last, it can nourish every  setting, time. Waiting for sth to happen. Char.s are unique. Beckett’s plays – reductive (reduced to the bare  essentials), but the effect is very powerful Beckett was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1969 for his "writing, which—in new forms for the novel and drama —in the destitution of modern man acquires its elevation". How It Is is a novel by Samuel Beckett published in 1964. It consists of a monologue by the narrator as he crawls through apparently endless mud, and reminisces on his life. The mud appears to be a kind of purgatory . The title is Beckett's translation of the original French,
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3Beckett and Pinter - TheatreoftheAbsurd

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