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Quiz 1 Answer Key - PHY2053C College Physics A(F 11 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: PHY2053C - College Physics A (F 11 2011) score _ Quiz#1-September9,2011(8:00am) all 'I..y J/ Name (write outfully in BLOCK letters): ---=--, ____'__' 1:$-w.-~----I\---=.~"----11------------- By signing, I acknowledge that I understand and willfollow the FSU Honor Code (Cheanng means a zero on Ihe lesl, failure 10 sign means 50% offon the lesc) Answer the questions below in the space provided. Make sure you show all your work including any diagrams or sketches needed, arry equations that you use and any algebraic manipulations used to isolate the unknown. Keep track ofunits and give the correct units with all numerical answers. Mark your answers to each parI by placing a box around them. A police officer is chasing a speeding car at 36 m/s. He observes that the speeding car is 40 m in front of him and travelling at the same speed. The officer then starts accelerating his car at 3.2 m/s 2 in order to overtake the speeding car. In answering the following, assume that the police car begins its to overtake the speeding car....
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