4 19cenAmRealismNaturalism - American Realism The Gilded...

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American Realism The Gilded Age - The Post-Civil War Generation experienced the most thoroughgoing change in American history; wealth and fame and not race; The new machinery of shares, claims, and inventions William Dean Howells - The most influential promoter of realism; Editor of the Atlantic Monthly (1871-1881); Believed that literature is the chief sustainer of civilization; Wrote over a hundred books including novels, poems, literary criticism, plays, memoirs, and travel narratives; Realistic fiction: A Modern Instance (1881); The Rise of Silas Lapham (1885); A Hazard of New Fortunes (1890); Howells: the standard of realism: “the simple, the natural and the honest” – terms of conventional morality Henry James’s Realism - “The Art of Fiction” 1884; Not unmediated reality but a “sense of reality”; Reality in fiction depends not on the truth of the writer’s material but on the strength of his “sensibility” or “imagination”; The morality of the work of art – in the quality of its execution and the quality of the imagination of the author; The artist must openly present himself as an artist; The civilizing powers of the artistic imagination General info about Am Realism: associated with power; white, male, urban; local color writers; not a coherent school Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens – 1835-1910): The literary figure that embodies all the unresolved issues of American culture The birth of the conspicuous public figure Associated with realism, local colour, social satire, morality The first to become aware of the nihilism latent in crossing cultural borders Works: The Innocents Abroad (1869); The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; Life on the Mississippi; “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” - A gallery of voices as in Dickens; A central voice, poetic and humorous; Loosely assembled episodes; The small-town
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4 19cenAmRealismNaturalism - American Realism The Gilded...

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