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Do you have a memorable birthday? Well I do and it was when I turned eighteen years old. I will always remember my 18 th birthday simply because I was finally considered an adult. This meant I could do all the things adults were allowed to do. I also celebrated this special day with my family and friends , and the entertainment was just incredibly amazing . These are just some of the reasons why this birthday will be the most memorable for me. The first instance, turning eighteen means the transition into adulthood . I am now an adult; this thought gives me both a sense of autonomy and ambivalence . Being an adult with the sense of autonomy meant for one thing I can vote. I can be a part of a significant population who makes a difference. It also means I can make decisions that will affect my life, such as, what I
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Unformatted text preview: want to study, what profession interests me, which college should I go to. In addition, it also allows my parents to see me as an adult and allows me to make important decisions. Turning eighteen also gave me a sense of ambivalence . Even though I was thrilled at becoming an adult, I was also a little apprehensive about leaving my childhood behind. Now I was responsible for all the decisions I make, no more being forgiven because you are a child. It meant making decisions and being responsible for the consequences, so my decisions better be good ones. All in all, turning eighteen and becoming an adult was one reason this birthday will always be remembered....
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