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ENC_0021_CH2_ILLUSTRATION_PARA - When writing an...

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When writing an illustration paragraph you illustrate your main idea by providing specific examples . Organizing an Illustration Paragraph: Topic Sentence Example One o Detail for Example One Example Two o Detail for Example Two Example Three o Detail for Example Three Conclusion Sentence
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Sample Paragraph: Although they don’t consider it stealing, many people regularly take things from their companies. The most common items to disappear are pens and pencils that employees almost unconsciously stuff into their purses, knapsacks, or briefcases. Over time, they may accumulate quite a stash of them. Another big item is all kinds of paper: pads of lined paper, handy little notepads that can be used for shopping lists and phone messages, and file folders to organize home records. Yet another innocent theft is the long-distance personal phone call. Those calls cost the company in two ways: They use company time for personal business, and the company has to pay for the calls. Even though companies may have special discounted telephone rates, no call is free. Finally, one of the more significant ways people steal is by taking home
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ENC_0021_CH2_ILLUSTRATION_PARA - When writing an...

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