IMG_0004 - product of-8 and 7 subtracted from-3 times a number Write the phrase as a mathematical expression Use x to represent the number Combine

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Class Work 3 MAT 0024 Must show all steps. Simplify the expression. 1) t8x - 9 -;e.'- 7 2) -L1 - $-2p) Simplifu the expr"ession by combining like terms. g -9(7r + 8; + 6(7r +7) Write a numerical expression for the phrase. Use x to represe the number. +; The
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Unformatted text preview: product of -8 and 7, subtracted from -3 times a number. Write the phrase as a mathematical expression. Use x to represent the number. Combine like terms if possible. 5) Two times a number, added to the sum of the number and seven....
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