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Class Work 6 MAT 0024 Must show all steps. Solve the equation. -.2 1, _ r)5* 5*=5 zr*-*=-s JJ zyf;-o=x Translate only. Do not solve. 4) Twice a number decreased by Zislt 5) A number squared added to 8 is - 51 6) Twice the sum of a number and 10 is _ 20. 7) if a number is added to 6, the result is the difference between twice the number and 5.
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Unformatted text preview: 8) If 3 is added to twice a number, the result is the difference of 4 times the number and 5. 9) If a number is subkacte d f.rom94,the result is 19 more than the product of 5 and the number. 10) Eight subtracted from 9 times a number is equal to the sum of 6 and the number squared....
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