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Class Work 7 IqIAT 0024 Must show all steps. Solve the problem. 1) |acob is 7 years older than twice Sarah,s age. If the sum of their ages is 61,how old is jacobu 2) On an Algebra test, the highest grade was 3g pohts fugher than the lowest grade. The sum of the two grades was I{2. Find thg lowest grade. 3) A box of candy contains 28 pieces. If the number of pieces of milk chocolate is 4 less than 3 times the number of pieces of
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Unformatted text preview: dark chocolate, how many pieces of each kind are there? 4) The length of a rectangie is 11 feet less than twice its width. Its perimeter is 26 feet. lVhat is the length and width of the rectangle 5) From a point on a straight road, two cars are driven in opposite directions, one at 44 miles per hour and the other at 35 miles per hour. In how many hours will they be 232 miles apart?...
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