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v1AT0024 Perimeter Exercise Set 1' The perimeter of a rectangle is 4o meters. The width is 4 meters less thon the length. Whot is fhe length of the rectangle? 2' The length of a rectangle is 11 feet lessfhan twice its width. rts perimet er is 26 feet. Whot is the length ond width of the rectangle? 3' The length of o rectongle is7 inches less thon 3 times its width. The perimet er of the rectangle is 5O inches. Find the length of the rectangle. 4' The length af a rectangulor porking loi is 10 rneters less thon twice its width. ond the perimeter is 400 meters. Find the length of theporking lot. 5' The width of o rectongle is 7 feet less fhon its length. rf the perimeter of a rectangle is 58 f eet, f ind the length
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Unformatted text preview: ond width of the rectanile. 6. The length of o rectangulor yord islZfeetmore thontwice ifs width. Tf the perimeter of the yord is 276 f eet, find the width. 7' The lorgest knor11 1on is o relief mop of Asio. rt is rectongulor in shope ond its length is 25 times its width. The perimet er is g36 f eet. what is the rength of the mcpl 8' The length of a recrangle is 2o inches more thon its urridth" rf the perime,ter is !76 inches, f ind fhe width of the rectangle. larataalttrlaaaratrtltraltrtttltltttrtraltr.lrltllallrlrttllttalattttttlt Answer Key 1. LZ meters 2. width=8feet: length =]cfeet 3. 17 inches 4. t:O meters 5. width = Ll feet: length = lg feet 6. 4? f eet 7. 45O feer 8. 34 inches...
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