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IMG_0017 - of each kind ore there 6 Victor 6il runs a ski...

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MATOO24 Ports Homework 1. Jocob is7 yeorsolder thon twice Soroh's age.Tf the sum of their oges is 61, how old is Jacob2 ?. On on Algebro tesi, the highest groda was 38 points higher thon the lowest grade' The sum of the two grades wos !4?. Find the lowest grade' 3. A History textbook cosfs $7 less thon a Sociology textbook. ff the totol cost of both textbooks is $73, whot is the cosf of the Hisfory textbookz 4. APre-Algebro closs contoins o totol of 45 students. If the number of women is 3 less than twice the number of men, how mony women ond how mony men ore in the closs? 5. Aboxotcondycontoins28pieces.rf thenumber of piecesof milkchocolateis4lessthon3 times fhe number of pieces
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Unformatted text preview: of each kind ore there? 6. Victor 6il runs a ski troin. One day he noticed thot the troin contained 13 more women thon men. If therewereo totol of 165 people on the troin, how mony of them were women? 7 . An a Geometry test. the highest grode wos 57 points higher than the lowest grade' The sum ofthefwogrodesWos95.Findthehighestondlowestgrodes. ************trt**************:k***************tt*********tt************** ******************* Ports Answer KeY 1. 43 years old 2. lowest grode= 52 3. $33 4.29 women 5.2a pieces of milk chocolote; 8 pieces of dork chocolote 6. 89 women 7 . lowest grode = 19; highest grade = 76...
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