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P2F11-PracticeExam-Fri (1) - ~t A P2 Sample Final(30...

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~t A .- P2 Sample Final (30 minutes) * .. VECTOR PROBLEMS 1. What is the vector sum of a vector with magnitude 4 at -60 degrees d magnitude 4 at +60 degrees? a) Magnitude 4, +90 deg b)Magnitude 8, 0 deg <§2Fagnitude 4, ~ di) d) Magnitude 4, -120 deg e) none of the previous 2. What is the scalar product of th~rs described above? a) 0 b)8 c) 16 ~ e)none ofthe previous 3. What is the [email protected])thevectordifferenceA-Bif A=(1,2) and B=(1,-2)? a) 0 b)2 c) 3 d)4 e)none ofthe previous A--- 13;;. (~2.) t' ("'») +-2-) ;. WORD PROBLEM 4) You have two employees painting a wall. The fIrst employee takes twice as long as the second employee to paint the same area. During a typical 8-hour day, the fIrst employee works the full 8 hours, but the second takes a 2 hour break. The fIrst employee paints 1 wall in day. How many walls get painted by both employees each day? Assume all walls are identical in area. a) 2 wall ~ c) 1.5 walls d) 4 walls e)none of1he previous CALCULUS PROBLEMS 5) What is the integral J 1 (3x _1)2 dx -1 a) 0 b) -8 01) d) 6 e)none 6) What is area unde~e for f(x)= (3x-l)(3x-1) between the regions of-l and I? a) 0 b)4 c)6 ~ e) none 7) What is maximum~ction h(t)=3+lOt-5f ? a) 0 b) 1 c) -5 ~ e)none
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, f: KJNEMATIC PROBLEMS, Ignore Air resistance 8) You wish to throw a basketball straight up to a rim at a height of 3 meters from the ground. Suppose you try to do this from your knees so the ball leaves your hands at a height of 1 m.
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P2F11-PracticeExam-Fri (1) - ~t A P2 Sample Final(30...

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