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P2F11-Review - Memorize •  X, Y component kinema2c...

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Unformatted text preview: Memorize •  X, Y component kinema2c equa2ons for 2D –  Remember how to change if ay= ­g –  Remember vx=v0cos(θ), vy=v0sin(θ) •  Rota2onal kinema2c equa2ons, like 1D –  1 rot=1 rev =2π rad –  ω=2πf, Period=T=1/f –  Angular variable, tangen2al variable rela2ons •  Eg, s=rθ, v=rω –  Centripetal accelera2on ac= ­ω2r Memorize  ­ 2 •  Know all the different nota2ons of vectors –  (x,y), [x,y], (mag, angle),v= ai+bj –  Convert between (mag, angle)  ­> components –  Dot product (both forms, mag, angle and comp.) –  Add, subtract algebraically and graphically •  Galilean rela2ve velocity, vpA=vpB+vBA Memorize 3  ­ Math •  Solu2on to Quadra2c Eqn (ax2+bx+c=0) •  Law of Sines, Law of Cosines •  Max, Min procedures –  take deriva2ve, set to 0, find loca2on of max,min, then insert to get the actual max or min value –  Take 2nd deriva2ve to find out if max or min •  Integra2on –  Indefinite, definite, indefinite with boundary condi2ons •  Simple connec2ons to integrals, deriva2ves –  Area under curve = integral –  Slope of curve = deriva2ve –  e.g., Integrate v(t) to get displacement •  Two equa2ons, two unknowns Goals •  Become more self reliant – teach yourself –  Read the text, read the lecture notes –  Do numerous problems •  •  •  •  •  •  2 ­3 short homework 5 ­6 Monday 6 Wednesday Tutorial 12 Mastering Physics 3 ­4 Friday 2  ­3 Quiz –  Seek help from friends, evening tutorial, messageboard, internet, TAs, office hours, look carefully at solu2ons posted to the website Goals ­2 •  Become more confident using a variety of math tools •  Increase speed and accuracy –  There is no such thing as a silly mistake •  Learn to recognize basic and more challenging problems and learn strategies to solve them. •  Most scien2fic and technical fields involve cumula2ve knowledge –  Strive for A ­level mastery in introductory courses –  Different physics = similar equa2ons = re ­use ideas –  you don’t have to memorize every detail ...
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