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hmwk4 - direction for increasing angle(a When is the...

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Homework #4 Due midnight Sunday October 16. 1. Answer these True/False questions. (No explanations required.) (a) The normal force exerted on a particular object always has the same magnitude. (b) The normal force is always perpendicular to the surface that makes the contact. (c) As an object is stretched further, the elastic force usually gets stronger. (d) Sliding friction is usually bigger than the maximum static friction. (e) Friction always is opposite to the direction of motion of the contact point. (f) The force of friction is usually larger than the normal force. (g) The force of gravity is proportional to the mass. This is why all objects experience the same acceleration due to gravity. 2. In the force diagram of the snowboarder on the second-to-last page, what type of force does F 1 represent? F 3 ? F 4 ? 3. The top figure on the last page shows snapshots of a golf swing taken at regular intervals. Call the forward direction of the swing the positive
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Unformatted text preview: direction for increasing angle. (a) When is the angular velocity largest? Explain. (b) When is the angular acceleration negative? Explain. (c) When is the angular displacement largest? Explain. 4. For circular motion, the velocity of the object is v = rω . Find this equation in your textbook. How is r increased in the field event Hay discusses? How is ω increased? 5. A cyclist rides in circles on a level parking lot. What type of force (gravity, normal, friction, . ..) provides the centripetal acceleration? From what perspective is a centrifugal force involved? Warmup Questions Submit answers by 11:00 p.m. Monday October 17. 1. Warmup question for October 18. In baseball, why does a curveball curve? 2. Warmup question for October 20. How do athletes in extreme sports like skateboarding and BMX get so high? 1 F 1 F 2 F 3 F 4 2 3...
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hmwk4 - direction for increasing angle(a When is the...

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