hmwk8_aps - leg to clear the hurdle Use the appropriate...

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Homework #8 Due midnight Sunday November 13. Note: Hay goes into way more detail on center of gravity than necessary. All you need to know is the basic idea. 1. In blocking in basketball and volleyball, sometimes athletes raise two arms and sometimes they raise one arm. What are the relative merits of one arm versus two arms? 2. Put the figures of the training ice skater in rank order from largest rota- tional inertia to smallest. Explain your reasoning. 3. In translational motion, power is Fv . What is rotational power? (Hint: Use the translational/rotational analogs table.) 4. The figure shows a hurdler practicing his technique on a rotation stand. (a) What does the hurdler do to raise his trailing leg relative to his center of gravity? (b) In Fig. b, why does his lead foot rotate when he raises his trailing
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Unformatted text preview: leg to clear the hurdle? Use the appropriate physics terms in your explanation. (c) In Fig. c, what has the hurdler done to eliminate the rotation of his lead foot? Why is this effective? 5. Explain why a wrestler that comes in low and broad is more stable than an athlete that comes in high and narrow. 6. Why does a dragster have the weight in the back? Why are the front wheels so far away? 7. Name four sports where rotation of the object makes the path of the projectile more predictable. Warmup Questions Submit answers by 11:00 p.m. Monday November 14. 1. No warmup question for November 15. 2. Warmup question for November 17. Why do golf clubs have a heavy head and a light shaft? 1 2 3...
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hmwk8_aps - leg to clear the hurdle Use the appropriate...

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