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HW3 - Biophysics Fall 2011 Homework 3 You are encouraged to...

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Biophysics Fall 2011 - Homework 3 You are encouraged to work together, but each of you needs to hand in your own solution. The solution needs to be typed, not handwritten. 1. Dimoglobin revisited Imagine a box with N O 2 molecule which can be distributed amongst Ω sites. This simple lattice model of the solution is intended to account for the entropy available to the O 2 molecules when they are in solution. A representation of this system is shown in the Figure. Use the dimoglobin energy we used in the lecture E = ε ( σ 1 + σ 2 ) + J σ 1 σ 2 , and Boltzmann weights to construct the partition function. Find the expressions of the probabilities of 0, 1, or 2 oxygen bound to dimoglobin and plot the results as a function of oxygen partial pressure. Use c 0 = 760 mmHg and plot the oxygen partial pressure on a logarithmic scale from c = 10 -2 to c = 10 2 mmHg, as in Fig. 7.13. Use the following parameters for ε and J: (a) ε = -3 k B t, J = -1 k B t, (b) ε = -3 k B t, J = -4 k B t.
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