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L ..* i5ion 5" l,,tio", +/+ ZD ""rooni! O"!k[" H-- +&-#) *f(,'*/') ?-xanine s*e tIole- ' Ho = N t -? (*'* ya) wlere 4is q .aw3tonf *t, to )eTsrnite) 'n) Nl i5 o rtortcl'z'tticn ") Supfos. we &*ld V, il, be an ere(S\/ 5|atg , (;^) d' onJ lL" 'otntpodi'^g ert{-c\/ . ttlj* i, +1" tn.,rif;*n,.<. t U? Yu *"y leou" fV u^)etern,neJ, N-J il{' f\ al*' E is a co'cttoal l-86-*:) * gr*.fl Lz Nol. +1.o| ou, Ilo*rrranian &L^ f,ewritrca a> rJ = H(x) *H() ,.n) tl't ..lf^ is np^,.,bl.,n x onJ / +L^t i: t = N {at \(') ' th*'*l'^ l{(^) a'r5 ovr \ , *" 3"t il<r.,sotnz. ,foon 4s3 we-',"*lJ wlu^ HQ) acts ow { <xlepl s'hbil i" tV 1yr.prf.qfc. v*;oLles. Il,Jl sho,^lJ 54vs us sotve +it',ol' t.{(*){,' *( rt*xe +F t) -f;N;:f*I') = tt );*".c&vz): ilE n x,'t't{*f) $;"'2*Y) , fo. .{ori^3 out o, il;%c$}') , ve 1et lr{,,)t = E " # u,^x' * {^) { *L's lt(r.1,.= +. {4'y'.+/^){" Pu+tin3 +hn^ lt Su+\nr on| "olle,'+inj like +erms ' ({- #*')-t (f -$")y'* t"'n
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D i ,c,,ssiovr $),-*i9n ++ f ri o."Jer to $r. T,
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disc_sol4 - +/+ L .* i5ion 5&quot; l,tio&quot;, ZD...

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