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\',oru ^ llo';ltuion{,,o f,"-1 syslenas 6/lots. H -- A5:o B( s: -q:) a) (;^) 6 ^olq\ repr<scn*a{io'n {"r 5*, 5y , oil 5z ' Ud Stl*) =mfrb,Jl) ^ spn - L g*ti cl" <a{t +)'e volua5 'f nz = - l, O, I cr.ole ao o. ll'onarfro) to'i' o' {oll''si r.[ot" llof Wz coa rD=0 to>. (:) r,D ' [i) 5.lr) = .rrst-ri, l,rn./r) *-?iLlL" onJ J,' arlhartor,nc'l;+7 "f o* bosi5,rs l;rn:"j Alkrnohuely, we convenria,oll-/ +1ke 5. I L: ' i1'fL'"J, 6u vre ca^ "'\ly lriile ou.'iltn" r't1z u'l'"5 on llt )''olovol tt'meS T'' vrilg 6a7 lhrga t"L v4tvt</J ot' J I '. -c\t I" {i,) 5^ onr) 5y , not-+L"+: / 5*'. * ts* n 5-) 5/' T:15* - b-')i t4---*--:, ;-r,lrr ,,oleJhlffi =Q f"n ol( il'€{-t'o'l} o^J f,r ^ll sJalts +\,*+ )b;l onn'L'l^J- l^ ,otn^, "" )l ,tI:r '\:, ,i,' *'^o-nu), gr 5+ ,ill havv q f^"+'" of l;r, ',^ !*nl To y)- tL{on^ o€ sv,^starl :'^:)* '::r:'l "^': ^: r:.r\-"'; *,3'^"t {'*r',lu;; ' s-tlale.-''nu o\ \\f i '^ +)'l+ sPo'<' (" "*o^p)*';( *e' ;:',-^'-;"; ;; -"" ta V:ii:! '( +L
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This note was uploaded on 12/12/2011 for the course PHYS 215a taught by Professor Alicea during the Fall '11 term at UC Irvine.

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disc_sol6 - We \',oru ^ llo';ltuioncfw_,o f,&quot;-1 H a)...

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