disc_sol8 - )1r..rs5iru Q*"s*ion H a) ,u(,r,,...

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Unformatted text preview: )1r..rs5iru Q*"s*ion H a) ,u(,r,, Sutun+ion, : i) *5 6, z-z- w1... I ' H [esr'iks thr*e (,n"o.lr, inJrpo,Junf s{"IeS F;"J +L ,,'x"n,, ol*sf *txenv€zlo{s f," +h* unj*}*'h"J s/skn ' s+o,,ncg H, Ho+ r{' =u,(jj ;) *n('Xti :) l{, H, is )i"3*^1, so i*s 1 We Noiat VO ,VO T : LVO .un loke if you rolv<. fo. +L A,:,! = Vo will L to .6o ; etSznvalws cr€ ri/nFl7 ; .; ;' vv<*ot-s (jl -rh{s Je*,nsoeet )r, (i N Cz-\) r" - gx -t- A3 in (j) r f :) as ,^b",rp-" r{(l- (z- e^) = O 2+ rs$4' \/t i+<" z ve<.ror L e.o 2 \= r,'siy (Hn- II) { = 0 . +Le. n .*u, aa*spowli,j il*"',.t, +t s*atc, **'f, $- l'*"art'J ;nl"P*Jnn{ tr. v,(z *€) e 'tffiz 2-2 Binuni^l exyrrsiq el J-- AL -e 2 D tsr,r< ion Solr^t L*s * g q F J +h*. loun"g tien- t*ro erujl crtre.*i*r *o +1" non -J1ue.,,*o Sl^te u.stttJ gu't*'L^+io* t}*..y. FFst a*Aer conePtioYl <v:lH'tv) " =re(oo )(i il(l) =A- =v.*co'D(:) L"l't 3o to Z-fi ""J"-r'. fl r**3 H't.D= f l<vllu'tfJ[' d." - Ei ;) ,uo ^^ll <Vrl tvo^ t<v\H'w,712 _ tr;-€; (r2.- F." +€l j "J 7,e , "Vo vd t'e^o.f " 1t\lt is or.r 2V *VoQt'- = witl zoq+,ibu*"'. gult+i,nl,) '%%", }) Fr*J +1,< f;n+-u De{*e E"*lu"le nJ*uflY*tiov o*bspun: -tlrcse <q,"tr:'ty:) 1,{,'tu'lv,? r*.q*rix +" 4te renu<inty J1ae,"Ae- Spois, V = ()u,: "J"rr,err+s e^t [) ,1h"o 4 '(ii :<t-l H'l\'> fi*J ='q€v,(L o*) thert )i",t64uliue 'to lsf -*J*f co{\^ecti.vrg *(:I(-il."l(i) {i) = -€vo (r (i ?l)[) = N,(, "E (?) = trl = €v, uo) ry:f H l+,), qv(o r ")( s) = 4Y,"lqtT,) o €.Vo(orol(;) '6 + f = (:';) €t t gJ * E-' 3 V, -€Vo Er, Ei +E) = V" (n*J ie lJ* urder eorect{onSl d t" 3"n,.l r [ur@ h; lw,"J*{) o.lr**17 ! E: = -€Vo rl Et' - o (e,scr,^+J,l) I ...
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This note was uploaded on 12/12/2011 for the course PHYS 215a taught by Professor Alicea during the Fall '11 term at UC Irvine.

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disc_sol8 - )1r..rs5iru Q*&amp;quot;s*ion H a) ,u(,r,,...

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