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+5 5*t,^+iong R"*ll th*+ in I I -;Lt+e/k v>g we olteo e is sorvra s*oll +i*re ,^+*l N (xrl ;'Hvrlri) ooJ insert N-/ il$tifieg inta *bt enhd. 1^r\;'urhl *u-,X *^-,\;'*"lnXr.rl . .1x,)(\ l;'il'/ul-) [^r; lton;a - l-{ = {- Pt * V(i 5*.h +Jrq f uocl of +l., obon* buok*ts r"* <I I t-#r' ;'trvu)elx'-) J1n. lo.*r, con*afni3 +L r"+.n+;ol 4errn will p ioL u,p e$a',vohn, of x; onl ti-l c^J cc^ tn p" ll+ ) ""+ ,{ +h Lro-Lu+, \,{e a:e /*f+ -i$1 ssger,-IiollT a {r* p*rb^Je -,) "li.l fi* .[" euolu^lur.o*f {o, *vj l6lllen"wril"t |l" pragaSa.tar: g ("r,*F, We con sefijr. .+e dre tirn* cvot.*tio.n V N- 5'b ;o d* I "1r". Ji. +rf e , c!;l;-l' 2€^ lrlo", lu ^pyly tl,,s ar3^*inl *o )-);nensir,w5,1^rg no+e flot *th t''',1 15 firt,, q d-JJm' vector. UL '1i*pr&W. g,vus f( noo+he' ')n3*" "!fulo^" fot on' {'* f*h'J* t-1,*Jlron{rr, , so u,)^ *irl ,;b,^+r, a {o*", "i ,l* . T"otini 41" v4avua.*,^ 63 ci ) - )i,*rrsionol ve;.,lorrir*e get" 4ir,,'#' fvr,r-,) = d "il|' #*"'- *tr f-'u{ LD €,' o+i{ne-ro*efer',Jer*
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This note was uploaded on 12/12/2011 for the course PHYS 215a taught by Professor Alicea during the Fall '11 term at UC Irvine.

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hwsol5 - llor.*orL, +5 5*t,^+iong R&quot;*ll th*+ in II...

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