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chem 103a lab - Introduction to Measurement Instructor...

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Introduction to Measurement Instructor: Jessica Edwards CHEM 104A Section 30 Date Work Performed: August 28 th , 2007 Date Work Submitted: September 4 th , 2007 Abstract: This lab is produced for the purpose of precision and accuracy in measurement. It also shows how reactants can be added to a solution and how it affects the solution in physical aspects. The lab will help to make future labs easier in precision and showing how to make a correct measurement. Introduction:
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This experiment was designed to measure accuracy through many different tools. These tools include a graduated cylinder and beakers on analytic balances. We will also be determining the effect of reactants on a time cycle called an oscillating reaction. In determining the precision of the balances after each measurement the analytic balances need to be zeroed out. Many identical objects will be weighed multiple times to determine the precision and accuracy of the balance. In the final part of the experiment we will determine the effect of reactants in an oscillating reaction over a period of time counting times with a stopwatch. In any scientific experiment accurate measurements are necessary. Without precise measurements, an experiment will not be completed in a correct manner therefore causing more error. Weighing the beaker multiple times leaves less room for error and more room for accuracy. In the oscillating reaction the cycle repeats over a period of time and the time
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chem 103a lab - Introduction to Measurement Instructor...

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