PHYS215A_HW1 - ?hys L:SA lhN Snldiq{s Hagewl't tl"...

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Unformatted text preview: ?hys L:SA lhN Snldiq{s --: Hagewl't tl ") th" ph"+ueL.+nc "ff*L is o pkun**eno' *k,J a(cu!!> *L* el..lrun. oo 1,. Lem+<) f*- cr pu{o( *Ltn l,r1h+ s/.i[es Jln surfon. fr"r" s.l*."*t.r,s ar€ e*n{t*d only *L- +lnt l,rLf frri,**f ir gu=.^ter +'ho^ 6r eX*al +o q. cer*an +h'"shill uolnu ,nJ +tr*- €netuv o{ 4u en,*kJ gt".*rons tfiid<'c,,se qs +h" in.,[e.++ 1,.1ht f, ,iJn-^r"r. TL,,s rS oxplo,v,*,i ty +r<a*'15 [,, h+ es aempreJu "f Ji:.,.{ pi,**, *y *ox;u, %**l Jo *Lreir {onn^ry n*fu,\rcn} Ly ,5u*9 catsl*'1: h'' i,r*^ptanoli*., [*A +o iln* idec+ +I',*+ l,rL+ "*,ut< o*ly -( sP%{c qa.nhz! oYta"*s J en$,Y, b) Tv,* U:ygtg: Gr^rf u*pe;iwrl blae on exftrrtne/l'\ +h*t f;*tt aA deth't L.o* L . 4 le+ec*ary vtas us<J to va€c's'*rr- eLrc*r,ns scat*eruJ 5oo Ly +l'* ni.l*l erTshl, 1I'e "l"tmns !^€re f*^J +o ;ow. sco++ertA M oo'rl''n', +o 9r"X3'' Lav {"t X- rz^76 couf'"^i' +\',+ +tp "i,.+*n, t f.J- or- h^*j ^ ,^',*t"oifh"^.rT^:L 7 "74*'7' "f J.Bn3l,e. -fln- De e*fo,t*+ y.AJeJ +lu *;n+ etrpiricc'( e"iluce {". *o,J pJi*l* Jo"[;+y' Q ff* S*rn-:fu1^Le/petye+t- woe a.rl <*pednnnl 4r*+ f,'"; o boo'a 'f sil,.. tom lf,^*' un-ih*n.y'.u,u' *rrt')rr-!": r.rii"m ^ C**sst,uL{y, +In 'nl^X'"+'' {'*lJ -h'o"lJ "*un,,,* :!"i,,ru *)o*^f, oF *h" a.ta,rvs. ,",n+,,nrr,{'oF n^y,r,r1 l<yees bas<J 6'^ lL" *"J,noti ,l' firrueu*r, rby "asur{-l if^r lL o+o.s Nere "ig ,l'tl+J ei+h<r uf d'r [own 6,1 sye"$;c gwanltza) tnir'.u."ls. {h;' e'xpuiunnt' s;'*e/ +h^t a*arns JU vro* klr^'^* {,'/." cLsst.o{ly elaldl ot3*cl,r Lu+ ol'o c'"rioJ hn turtdnsic yc^*tze) t'spin '? tu) W it t[* *l+er**t €n\t<sio{}, of ^ e-rvt*s',1r1u* .sfeolrtun.f ElA *aves by a.n oLje't tll,l"h -lr* a:Leo-b3 ^tt E1\ wavos S+" k'g I+. E"rty ,*tknpls to nolel +t, *oyy Jens,lT ,f bl^.LL"Jy rr,ltaltoyy ty K"yln;1h ^d f,"on5 all.* $, ll,u roltol,ra ol ,nf,'n,fo o*.unt, o( powe/. lutrr"" *nSn1, ) Plon..{.. ili$uft<J 4L^+ €"M nnusy n,X)t tv <."rtpasrl af ascill^lt5 porress'vrg **tlll "1*o I +" c,n ;nfter mulr'i yie u{ 5ore, {*)o,n n+r,l co^sfd,,+, f (^n,,kit nole\ orru*,k-(y oXrcrl, i+L (rpc,r wnrol Jolo onl 6iv;,Jt:,j tlr ,,,^ltron,Je* cafdslraph"" -o( *F *:ky ,*uJ*li /,,, ^orl.,n3 +he eonf,*sl qie cF Tuaah\&lavr _ rl t^ ^ jt c<essnlt plyttcai m"lel, z) .) r-- ft- _t4 fisl't {o.Iur & ,'J u "FO-.712aL+ls -+ { e o*+ the-of*Lx e et fo.n 4V tn\tol'' .lv6vr ,"fi!t P tf"n of +L expo{ta* *" 3c-t a t**rticQr ;alil#M f"r^....
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This note was uploaded on 12/12/2011 for the course PHYS 215a taught by Professor Alicea during the Fall '11 term at UC Irvine.

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PHYS215A_HW1 - ?hys L:SA lhN Snldiq{s Hagewl't tl"...

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