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The Seven Crystal classes 1) Triclinic--general a1, a2, a3 2) Monoclinic--a3 perpendicular to a1 and a2 3) Orthorhombic--a1, a2, a3 all perpendicular to each other 4) Tetragonal--a1, a2, a3 all perpendicular to each other, and a1 = a2 5) Trigonal--a1, a2, a3 all equal, and make equal angles with each other 6) Hexagonal--a1 and a2 equal and at 60 degree angle, a3 perp to both 7) Cubic--a1, a2, a3 all equal and perpendicular The most common lattices, and their abbreviations
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Unformatted text preview: Bravais lattices: simple cubic, sc face centered cubic, fcc body centered cubic, bcc Lattices with a basis: hexagonal close packed structure, hcp diamond lattice, no abbrevation sodium chloride structure, no abbreviation Close Packed structures: fcc, hcp 2D lattices: triangular = hexagonal, Bravais honeycomb (graphene), two atom basis copper-oxygen lattice, three atom basis...
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