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The Idiom & Practice of Science Fall ‘11 Physics H90 The Physics of Music: A Recondite Propinquity Professor Roger McWilliams Laboratory: B012 Reines Hall (on the external loading dock) Lab phone: 949-824-6228; [email protected] Office Hours: Before and after class at lab and by appointment Class: MWF 11:00-11:50 in Physical Sciences Classroom Building (PSCB) 140 Discussion (Optional): Tu and Th 4:00 RH184 Textbook: The Science of Sound, 3 rd Edition; Rossing, Moore, & Wheeler Course Grade: midterm (25%), final (35%), 5-page paper (15%), homework (15%), 2 performance analyses (5% each). Midterm and final formats: multiple choice, short answer, long answer problems. 5-page paper: student-initiated science of sound project, approved by professor. Homework: Assigned at each lecture, due at next lecture. 2 performance analyses: Attend one high art and one low art live music performance. For each, in at least two pages, write a scientific analysis of the music. Describe the technology used for the music production and
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Unformatted text preview: transmission. What emotive end resulted and what science was central to achieving that end? Scientifically, what made the music high art or low art? Approximate Course Calendar (Month/day: Assignment Due, Chapter, Topic): 9/23: 1, Sound, basic physics concepts 11/16: Analysis due; 14, Piano 9/26: 2, Newton’s Laws, oscillations 11/18: 14, Piano 9/28: 2, Complex oscillations 11/21: 15, Speech 9/30: 3, Waves 11/23: Paper due; 17, Singing 10/3: 3, Sound waves 11/28: Technology in music 10/5: 4, Resonance 11/30: Technology in music 10/7: 5: Hearing 12/2: Final Exam ? 10/10: 6, Dynamics 12/9: Final Exam 8:00 a.m. 10/12: 7, Frequency spectra 10/14: Analysis due; 8, Note superposition 10/17: Music notation 10/19: 9, Musical scales 10/21: Midterm exam 10/24: 10, Violin family 10/26: 10, Guitars 10/28: 11, Brass Family 10/31: 12, Woodwinds in general 11/2: 12, Clarinet 11/4: Paper draft due, 12, Saxophone 11/7: 12, Saxophone 11/9: 12, Flutes, organs, et cetera 11/14: 13, Percussion...
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