SyllBio93F11 - Bio 93, DNA to Organisms Fall 2011, Section...

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Bio 93, DNA to Organisms Fall 2011, Section A 05200, Section B 05220 Updated 9/16/2011 Class Meeting Information This course meets MWF for 1 hr, Section A from 12:00-12:50, Section B from 1:00-1:50 in PSLH First class meeting on Friday, Sept 23 th , 2011. Students enrolled in Discussion sections that meet on Thursdays will meet on Sept 22. Instructor Information Name: Dr. Diane O’Dowd and Dr. Rahul Warrior Email: [email protected] , [email protected] Course Websites: Course Sequencing This course is the first in the series of 5 core classes (Bio 93,94,97,98, 99) required for all UC Irvine Biology Majors. Course Description This class will focus on providing you with a good conceptual understanding of cellular and molecular biology and how they relate to broader issues including human health. What you learn in this class both in terms of content, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills will form the foundation for all of your subsequent biology core courses. To maximize the strength and breadth of your foundation you need to commit to staying on top of the material including attending all of the lectures and participating in class activities, completing online quizzes, and attending discussion section. We estimate this will require a minimum of 10 hrs/week . Course Objectives After completing this course, you should be able to: Explain basic concepts in cellular and molecular biology using correct terminology Construct and critique logical arguments associated with biological concepts Accurately describe what you observe Solve problems while learning Work effectively with others Achieve learning goals associated with each lecture posted on website Course Format Lectures: organized into 8 units, covering different biological concepts, with 3-6 lectures/unit o You will be able to download lecture notes prior to each lecture. These are OUTLINES designed to help you take notes and additional material will be covered in lecture. o There will be clicker questions in class, most of which are answered after discussion with classmates, that will test your understanding of the material. Clicking in for someone else is an act of academic dishonesty. Lecture associated activities o Homework assignments that cover new material are associated with several lectures. You can work with other students on these but you must complete and submit your own assignment for credit. o
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SyllBio93F11 - Bio 93, DNA to Organisms Fall 2011, Section...

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