Statics3 - Friction F=uN(impending moion Tipping/Slipping...

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Distributive Loads You can partition distributive loads Internal Forces and Moment Cross sections Convention: Internal forces at a cross section point out of the cut section (+) Compression (-) Beams A structure with forces only in one direction 1) (0,0) is always at left support 2) x is always from origin to cut section 3) left: Right: 4) For M diagram: V and M Diagrams Finds Mmax
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Unformatted text preview: Friction F=uN (impending moion) Tipping/Slipping Check (slip) take moment about opposite side and must fall into range Check (tip) F<Fmax(=uN) Belt Friction 1) Belt is on the verge of slipping F=uN 2) T2 is in the direction of motion T2>T1 T2=T1e^uB (T2 is always in direction of motion, B/contact angle is in radians) **Centroids- equations...
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